Your Porsche was engineered and delivered with a high performance suspension system right from the factory. These suspension systems are equipped with more adjustments and are more reactive to improper adjustment than other standard vehicles.


Our staff is equipped with the tools and knowledge to keep your car handling its best and also make sure your tires are getting the longest life possible. Our custom four wheel alignment system with optional corner balancing is one of a kind.


Developed as a precision instrument for our racing cars, this system allows us to perform very accurate alignments on Porsche vehicles. From extending tire left to improving the way you cars hugs the curves, we can tailor the best alignment settings for your uses.


On vehicles with additional suspension adjustments for corner balancing and ride height, we can further dial in the best suspension settings for your Porsche. The electronic scales in our custom rack allow us to measure the force each wheel is putting to the ground. By adjusting these forces, we can better balance a car for more predictable and higher performance handling.


Ride height adjustment can also improve a cars handling as well as one’s personal preference of aesthetics. Vehicle lowering by use of adjustment or changing components is yet another service we can offer for your Porsche.


If you have any questions about our suspension services or would like to schedule an appointment, please give is a call during normal business hours at (949) 458-7223 or send us an email at service@hergesheimer.com